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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 24, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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o keep your gather at home. but forget the hearth. on a night when it may seem like a good idea, you're being told to keep your fireplace cold. a whole lot more than a drop in the bucket. big bay area donations being slipped to the salvation army. and solar is on sale. why the price has gone down. why the incentives have gone up. good evening. ann notarangelo has the night off. i'm grace lee. it is a beautiful christmas eve here in the bay area. not a clear one though. there is mist and probably a bit of smoke in the fireplace. and the air quality management agency is saying to douse the flames. we will talk about it in a little bit. we begin with firefighters and
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police roaming the streets to brighten the spirits of san francisco's needy children. lefty owe dual's started collecting toys early this morning and keep collecting until 2:00 tomorrow morning and emergency workers will take those toys and walk around and look for empty-handed kids and give them the gifts. >> there is like 2500 kids who are sleeping on couches now. and possibly homeless. and we want to beat our last year's goal of 10,000 toys. >> if you want to donate to the toy drive, head over to lefty odools in union square. santa or one of his elves will come out to your car to help you. it is that easy. if you can't make it that, you can call lux or cab and a taxi will collect your donations. thousands of hungry san franciscoens dined on prime rib at a dining hall in the tenderloin. the house of prime rib donated 2,000 pounds of prime rib for
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today's lunch. >> we're delighted. we feel very good about it. so we don't get prime rib very often. >> they will serve a christmas day turkey dinner tomorrow. the church has served san francisco's needy for more than 45 years. and that wasn't just loose change dropped into two salvation army kettles on the peninsula this week. big bucks. on friday, someone dropped a check for $10,000 into the kettle outside a safeway store in menlo park. three days earlier, the bell ringer at a redwood city safeway received a $5,000 donation. these big know nations come at a time when the redwood citile isvation citile is -- city salvation army is having serious budget problems. >> when i picked up the kettle around 2:30, 3:00, she told me, boy are you going to be happy. it is a lot. it is a whole lot. and we're pretty excited about it. >> the salvation army says the money will provide motel vouchers and food for hundreds
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of homeless families. the rumor mill is turning once again, rumor has it that the a's are weeks from getting the green light to move south. what a san jose city council member had to say in response to that. and one movement's trash may become a national treasure. who is picking up the pieces left behind, from occupy wall street? and it is going to be chilly up in santa's sleigh tonight. much of the bayer under a freeze warning -- bay area under a freeze warning from 11:00 tonight and through tomorrow morning. how low it will get and where the coldest spots are, we will tell you coming up.
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teenager fired into a crowd. it happened just befor three people were hurt when a teenager fired into a crowd. now, the this happened just before 11:30 last night at 4th and broadway in oakland. police arrested a 17-year-old suspect a few blocks away. he is facing multiple charges of attempted murder. all three victims were hospitalized. and are in stable condition. so far, police are not naming the suspect. the victims. or a possible motive. and a motorcyclist killed
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in a crash on the bay bridge has been identified tonight. 33-year-old aaron peter of oakland was thrown from his bike after colliding with a toyota near the s curve yesterday. no word on what caused that crash. the driver and passenger in the toyota though were not hurt. and we may know in just a matter of weeks if the a's are moving to the south bay. a "usa today" reporter tweeted today that major league baseball could grant permission by february for the a's to be moved from oakland to san jose. and no one from the a's camp would comment on this report but san jose city councilman sam ricardo says there is reason to expect the move will be discussed next month. >> we certainly heard indications that this would be a topic of conversation for the winter meetings in mid january. so we would like to believe this would all get resolved within the next few weeks. >> ricardo represents the downtown district where the new ballpark would be built. and major league baseball
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commission in 2009 researched stadium options for the a's. that was back in 2009. so far, none of those find cans have been released. the occupy wall street camp is gone. but the artifacts of that movement are now considered collectibles. several major museums including the smithsonian have collected materials from the occupy movement and looking for posters and flyers and buttons and any other type of material. the museum of the city of new york is planning an exhibit on the occupy movement next month. and occupy protesters have formed their own archive says they want to keep established institutions from defining their movement. it might be one of the best deals out there. even after the holiday. >> no money down. >> i-pad. >> yup. >> $1,000 back from pg&e. >> so it is -- how can you say no to that? >> strong incentives to go solar. baby, it is cold outside.
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a lot of our temperatures around the bay area dipping at or below freezing tonight. a plus, will the spare the air alert be extended through the christmas holiday? we will tell you after the break.
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like a blazing fire to get in the holiday well, it is a chilly christmas eve. and of course, nothing like a blazing fire to get new the holiday spirit, right? but not this year. it is a spare the air day. and as don knapp shows us, the cozy fire could actually get you a hefty fine. not so much in the holiday spirit, is it, don? >> reporter: certainly not. but if all of the nights of the
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year, grace, gee, christmas eve would be the best night to have the fire in the fireplace, but a government agency is telling you no. but they're doing it for the best of reasons. they want to give you the gift of health. it is a beautiful christmas eve here in the bay area. but not a clear one. will is mist and probably a bit of -- there is mist and probably a bit of fireplace smoke in the air and the grinches at the bay area air quality management district are saying douse the flames. what? on christmas eve? >> i'm just grateful i no longer have a wood burning fireplace. >> what do you do for christmas eve? do you have a fire? >> yes. the gas logs. >> reporter: the air quality district calls the spare the air alert, only trying to give cleaner air for everyone to breathe. all wood burning is banned indoors and outdoors for 24 hours. but no fireplace fire this night of all nights? it is too much for some folks. >> thank god i don't live here. >> where do you live? >> i live am apple valley, california. >> can you have a fireplace tonight? >> tonight? yes. i can have a fireplace there.
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>> you wouldn't want to live in the bay area because you can't have a fireplace tonight, can't have a blame? >> yes, i don't want to live in the bay area if there is no fireplace tonight. >> people can bundle up the district says in the press release, but apparently folks don't need to be told that when it is cold. this may give the impression of warm weather but temperatures are expected to drop quite a bit after dark this christmas eve. there is a freeze warning in effect for many parts of the bay area. and some coastal areas. north bay, interior valleys. and now, the east bay interior valleys. and santa clara valley area. but a cold night and even a christmas eve tradition are not enough reason to put a log on the fire. will -- there is an alternative for some folks. video recordings of yule logs downloaded from youtube. heart warming fires, that are pollution free. so throw a youtube log on the tele, and turn up the thermostat. grace? >> just not quite the same,
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don. >> reporter: depends where your heart is, you know. >> that's true. we will make it work. all right. live in almeda, thank you, don. apparently the price is right for harnessing the power of the sun. solar panels which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, are a hot commodity right now. and we have more on how people are making the switch saving a lot of money and getting perks in return. >> reporter: new solar panels are being installed on paul gardner's home. but he is not buying them. he is leasing them from sun- gevity. a solar panel company. he and his wife have been talking about it for a long time. and paul says now is that time. >> no money down. >> no money down. >> i-pad. >> yup. >> $1,000 back from pg&e. so how can you say no to that? >> the solar foundation says a new industry-wide leasing option is making the difference. and solar companies are hiring more people than ever before.
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gary gasher is founder and chief executive order of sunlight and power. >> it is a great time. we still have rebates. we still have the federal tax credit. and i think prices are pretty stable now. >> reporter: there wasn't quite so much optimism earlier this year. when solar panel company solyndra failed. gary ger ber says at first the public was cautious but now homeowners are shopping again. >> we have projects this week. >> and the leasing cost is about $100 a month. and will shave over 80% off the utility bill for gardner. but he says money is not the only motivator. >> for us, it wasn't about the money so much is about the environmental impact for us. and now we see it is easy for us to do it, and feasible to do it, why not. >> reporter: the popular solar panel leasing option has accelerated installations across the state. and this one project alone is expected over a 15 year period
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to save more than $20,000. in marin county, don ford, cbs 5. and the jackpot, it is still up for grabs. there were a few winners in last night's mega millions drawing. five tickets matched five numbers pulled last night. here are the numbers. the next mega millions drawing will be the five winners each get $155,663. to be exact. the next mega millions drawing is on tuesday. now that prize will be worth $206 million. i got to go check the numbers though. >> i could use 100 grand on a very cold day. >> that doesn't sound bad. they took our dollar earlier last week, right? >> yes. oh, well. >> it could be us. >> you never know. >> all right, clear and cold to start you off tonight. and check out the live picture of san francisco. not too many clouds in the sky out there. it is going to be definitely dropping down, though. those temperatures, overnight
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tonight. check out this cold weather alert. we actually have a freeze warning in effect. across much of the bay area. and it is mostly for our inland valleys, to the east and south bay valleys, as well as the north bay. what does this mean? temperatures mostly in the mid- 20s. low 30s. protect all of the important p's in your life, your plant, your pets, and your pipes and of course your people. the temperatures will get low once again, in the 40s and 50s mostly. sunshine later this afternoon. so it wasn't too bad of a start to our day. and 52 in vallejo right now. and 52 in concord and 53 in santa rosa and 43 in redwood city. for tonight, our big story are the cold temperatures. especially in our inland valleys dropping down to below freezing. 25 degrees. and again, it is the winds that are remaining so calm and it is keeping us so cold. and yes, that spare the air alert, as don just mentioned is in effect through your christmas day, so no wood burning in the fireplace. for tomorrow, we are warming things up a bit. pretty seasonable for this time of the year. the upper 50s and low 60s. and we are warming up to a high
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of 63 degrees. and for some spots, inland, and taking a look at your satellite and your radar picture, you will notice this system just to the west of us, and it could bring us a few high clouds, tomorrow, and on into monday, and we are staying dry. and through the christmas holiday. so checking these lows overnight. once again, at or below freezing. these are the coldest places. 26 in concord and 25 in fairfield and 27 in livermore and 27 degrees your expected low in santa rosa. so for tomorrow, if you're doing some travel, getting out of town a little bit, maybe visiting a relative, sacramento, the high of 60 degrees. mostly sunshine and 62 in reading. and 47 is your expected high in lake tahoe. mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. and across the northern california area. so your pinpoint forecast, a little closer to home, mostly upper 50s, a few low 60s out there, and 60 is your expected high in oakland and 61 in santa rosa. and 60 in livermore and 59 degrees in concord. so again, that freeze warning, in effect, from 11:00 tonight, and overnight and until about 9:00 tomorrow morning.
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and it is what they're forecasting. at this time. when that freeze warning will be in effect. so check the next several days, again remaining dry, sunday, monday and a few more clouds roll in. but chen check out the middle -- but then check out the middle of next week. it looks like tuesday night into wednesday, that is when we're seeing a chance of rain showers. and actually continuing through the end of the week. we're not expecting this to be a huge rainmaker. so at this point, it looks like pretty l.i.e. light showers and haven't seen rain in a while. >> a really long time. how long has it been? >> it feels like it has been weeks since we've seen any kind of rain. >> at least it is remaining dry for santa, he has a big mission to accomplish overnight. clear skies but a little chill ply. >> a little cold. the presents will be dry. >> thanks, elizabeth. and santa, speaking of which, is on his way across the atlantic right now and he is headed for the u.s. that's according to norad which tracks santa's journey every christmas eve and already left gifts for boys and girls in africa, asia
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and europe and this year santa broke a record with volunteers at the north american aerospace defense command with 8,000 calls per hour. flying over the falkland islands as we speak. the norad facebook page is getting a lot of visits, 950,000 so far. so santa very popular even on facebook and i like to see he is so modern joining the social media revolution. >> i'm so excited. santa is on the way. >> coming to the u. >> i love it. a lot of sports to talk about. the nfl has switched to saturday, and we love it here. and the raiders fight for their playoffs lives and the 49ers look for a first round bye and we're not the only ones flipping out at the possibility of both local teams in the playoffs. don't flip the channel. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. after a heart-breaking loss to detroit last week the raiders had no room for error. they had to win out. and starting today in kansas city where they had one four straight. that's where they had to do it. romeo cornell the head coach of the chiefs, kc knocked off the packers in the debut last week so the raiders should no problem, right? wrong. third quarter, carson palmer air it out to the rookie who hauled in the 61-yard pass. and that's a touchdown. 10-3 raiders. palmer had two interceptions to go along with the touchdown. 13-6 oakland now. with under two minutes to go in the game. kyle orton, to mccluster in the
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back field. a perfectly designed play. plenty of blocker. mccluster was off to the races. he picked up 49 yards. going all the way down to the 3. the longest play of his career. he was the chiefs leading receiver. a play later, orton to dwayne mo for the short touchdown to tie the game at 13. same score, with five seconds to go now. and bring in ryan suka. not kidding. that's his name. the 50-yard field goal is blocked by richard seemour and that was the game-saving, and season-saving block for those guys. the raiders get the ball. first in overtime. and on the very first play, palmer went deep and found that man. there is hayward bay who made the grab near the sideline. a gain of 53 with there. >> and set up the field goal. the final is 16-13. >> how good does it feel to have meaningful football playing this late in december and get the raiders in the playoffs? >> it feels good to me.
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and i don't think they ever played for nothing, but it feels wonderful. to go into the locker room this far in the season with the playoff berth at home and with a win we will host the playoffs, i mean if you can't bring your a-game next week, we are just not going to hold it for you. what are you holding it for? we will be ready to play next week. >> everything that we and the coach have been talking about. those things are true. and still alive. i mean i will say this. and i believe it in my whole heart. i've never said this to anybody else but the plan told me, he said we're winning in the end. and i believe that. >> that is a hold. it is blocked. >> the raiders are alive. they will go to overtime. >> how about richard seymour with the two blocked field goals? you think could it not have been had he not blocked those two. >> he is great. he is the leader of the defense. the heart and soul of it. i'm thankful as much as anybody he was able to block that kick. >> and big hats off to richard seymour. thank you. >> merry christmas.
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>> no fourth quarter magic for tim tebow and the broncos, the bills would score 14 points in 19 seconds thanks to two tebow interceptions with a career high four picks and buffalo blew out denver 40-14. and the raiders and broncos are tied for the division lead. in order for the raiders to win the division, they need to beat san diego at home next sunday and have the broncos lose to the chiefs. best play of the day, if not the year, the bengals. jumping out to a 23-0 lead. and jerome simpson jump and flipping over the arizona defender and stuck the landing in the end zone. mary lieu doesn't have anything on him. that is amazing. give him a 10. bengals win 23-16 to win 9-7. i could keep watch nath whole sportscast. the bengals are in the drivers seed for the afc wildcard. much less at stake for the 49ers. san francisco needed a win against the seahawks in seattle to keep new orleans from stealing that first round bye
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in the playoffs. the hawks coming in, having won five of six and trying to keep a playoff spot alive. third quarter, frank gore plowed in for a four-yard touchdown game. tied at 10. gore had 83 yards on 23 carries. later in the 4th, 16-10 san francisco. andy lee's punt is blocked by heaten farewell. the seahawks got the ball at the four yard line and if you have been keeping track, you know what it is coming up. it is coming to an end. mar shawn lynch scored. and the streak of not allowing a touchdown run in 15 games is over. lynch had 100 yards. and the first time that san francisco has allowed a rusher like that in many games. and michael crabtree had a gain of 41 yards. and 14 of 26 for 179 yards. pretty good day. that set up david acres for a 39-yard field game. the 41st kick of the season. record setting. and san francisco wins 19-17 and can clinch a first-round bye. with the saints loss. this monday night against the
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falcons. >> overcame a lot of things. overcame adversity. overcame the opposing crowd. tremendous atmosphere. for football. they are really into it here. and it really makes you feel like a man. when you can do that. >> always good to feel like a man. lions haven't been to the playoffs this century. detroit hosted the chargers, matthew stafford threw for 373 yards and three touchdowns including this one, to mega tron. calvin johnson and lions are going to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. detroit all over the chargers, 38-10. and san diego is out. out of the playoff picture. >> there you go. >> a lot of heavy people in the bay area with the two big wins. raiders and 49ers. >> awesome. good times. >> and imagine spending the holidays behind bars. how bay area prisoners got a chance to create a new kind of holiday celebration. we will have that story and much more coming up on eyewitness news at 6:30. in the mean time, have a great
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christmas eve. see you in a half hour.
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